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First International Prize ‘Breathing Art’, Palermo, Italy, 2019
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Chianti Star Festival Winner, Best Artist, Tuscany, Italy, 2017
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Pollock: the New Heirs, Palermo, Italy, 2015
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First Biennale della Creativita, Verona, Italy 2014

Antoine de Saint-Exupery stated: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Tiril’s innovative non-representational paintings strive to capture energetic movement, emotion and shapes by focusing on the delicate balance between inner essence and outer form. With flowing color and shapes, she has propelled her expressions into dreamscapes of the non-objective realm, as she reveals the invisible within the visible and reflects on the intangible within the tangible.

Tiril states, “I am an intuitive painter. I approach each canvas with a feeling of excitement, wonder, and a sense of adventure, free of any preconceived ideas or sketches. The concept will manifest itself as the painting evolves.” Extending the artistic boundaries to underline contrasting textures which, in turn, are juxtaposed with smooth fluid surfaces, her lyrically poetic abstract paintings are best understood as landscapes of the mind. Each color and form lyrically harmonizes and vibrates like chords in a concerto full of energy and life. Her canvases ring with a syncopated glow and radiate artistic vibrations filled with light and joy that delight the viewer’s eyes. Her employment of deep colors and ethereal shapes maximize impact and create the illusion of depth. Tiril’s paintings challenge viewers’ perceptions and viewpoints as she urges us to look for the narratives beneath her compositions. Her work examines balance and the spatial relationship between colored forms in the foreground and the negative space of the background. Viewers respond to the emotional charges that underlie the creative genesis of Tiril’s abstract dreamscape compositions.

The award-winning artist Tiril works and resides in Alabama. Born and raised in London, Tiril has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work housed in numerous public and private collections worldwide. Her painting career has catapulted her into a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. She has enjoyed numerous successful exhibitions throughout Europe and the U.S., and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the art of this contemporary star.
— Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York